2 Lesson to learn from Pokémon Go about Talent Management

2 Lesson to learn from Pokémon Go about Talent Management

by true_admin, July 29, 2016

Pokémon Go took over the world by storm, right after its release. While the world is busy playing this game, some organizations have started surveying users to understand the reason behind its massive success.

What has come out so far is that the fusion of virtual and real worlds makes it so unique and popular. There’s a lot that people can learn from it, especially if you are a talent manager. This post throws light on 2 important talent management lessons that you can learn from Pokémon Go.

Find Talent at the Right Place

There is a reason why Pokémon Go has so many active users and the game has seen so many active users worldwide. To win, players have to find Pokemons in the real world.  The Pokémons are categorized  by types, and each Pokémon has a specific destination where they live. Players have to understand the type of Pokemons and then go out to find them in different areas.

Almost similar is the case when it comes down to talent management. To find the perfect candidate, recruiters have to look at all the right places. Understanding the job requirement and accordingly  planning how to connect with the perfect candidate is the most important lesson for recruiters. Recruiters must know how to approach which candidate.

Training the Right Way

The Pokémon that you find and catch are not at their best. A major part of Pokémon Go is training  Pokémons you catch and risking them ina war against other trained Pokémons. It takes a lot of time and efforts to train them for these fights so that they earn more points.

Training is the takeaway point from this. Talent managers need to constantly train themselves to  find new and resourceful ways to connect and manage candidates. This will empower them to better meet the needs of consistently evolving workforce requirements. Remember, better training will lead to great results.

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