3 Marketing Ingredients to Strengthen Recruitment!

3 Marketing Ingredients to Strengthen Recruitment!

by true_admin, January 21, 2016

Modern recruitment is dynamic and requires a multi-dimensional approach to attract the right talent. Areas like social recruitment, employee retention, talent attraction, etc. require knowing your audience and creating content that resonates with them.

To know your audience, you need data and a well-defined strategy. While it may sound a bit strange, but adopting marketing principles can make the modern recruitment easy.

They can substantially empower areas like talent attraction and simplify recruitment. Here are 3 major marketing principles that can have a major impact on your talent attraction strategy-

Making data-driven decisions

Seasoned marketers always use data to evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing campaign and that is how recruiters should proceed. The data analysis sources dimensions like time taken to recruit, quality of recruit, cost per recruit. These help recruiters evaluate the effectiveness of the different recruitment channels and identify which channels work better than others.

Comprehensive research is the key

To improve the volume of inbound candidates, you must optimize job postings for search.

You must ensure that the title and description of your job posting are clear, but that is not all. You must also optimize your job postings with the potential keywords used by candidates to find jobs similar to yours. For this, you need to dig deep and find out the major keywords relevant to your job posting.

Think about the targeted audience when writing job description

While creating job descriptions, you must keep the ideal candidate for the job in mind. This way you will adapt your message as per the targeted candidates.

Intelligent marketers avoid selling all the time. Rather, they tactfully engage their targeted prospects. That’s exactly what recruiters need to do. Don’t make your job description an ingredient label. Add more than just the essential job requirements and then inspire them to take action.


The contemporary recruitment requires lot more than just the go-getter attitude. Recruiters must be equipped with a proficient recruitment software, right skill set, and leverage the marketing principles to find and engage talented candidates.

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