4 Most Probable Reasons Your Project is Not Doing Good!

4 Most Probable Reasons Your Project is Not Doing Good!

by true_admin, June 4, 2016

Recent studies (by 2016 Pulse of the Profession) suggest that companies lose $122 million for every billion invested due to poor project performance. Poor Task Scheduling, Slow & Complex Reporting, Inability to Manage Workspace and Inadequate Issue Management have been cited as the primary contributors to poor project performance. Let’s take a quick look at these factors and how to improve them.

Poor Task Scheduling

Scheduling tasks through spreadsheets (that shortfall in real time update and collaboration) leads to confusion that results in errors. This is why it is imperative to employ a project management software that gives you complete control over task scheduling with full transparency. It increases the chances of your project’s success.

Slow and Complex Reporting

Managers rely on reports to track project’s progress. Organizations that still use traditional reporting methods that offer no visualization make tracking, monitoring, and analyzing project’s progress challenging. On the other hand, it also makes defining roles and responsibilities more complex. However, with the right tool, you get access to real-time reporting and in-depth insights that are essential to delivering successful results.

Inability to Manage Workspace

Poor workforce management results in ineffective collaboration that further leads to terrible results. With the right project management, you get the required visibility that allows you to assigns different tasks to different users (based on the available information) and then track individual performances.

Inadequate Issue Management

Many organizations keep their focus on whether or not the project is being delivered on time, but fail to identify its pending issues. However, these issues can significantly impact the project’s cost, duration, and outcome. Therefore, it is vital to use appropriate defect management system that allows comprehensive testing in order to resolve real life project management complexities.

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