4 Reasons Why Traditional Recruitment Methods Are a Waste of Time and Money

4 Reasons Why Traditional Recruitment Methods Are a Waste of Time and Money

by true_admin, June 13, 2016

Are you trying to identify the real reason behind your inability to find the right IT professionals? Well, the most common reason behind IT companies struggle to employ the right talent is their ignorance towards adaptation to smart recruitment tools. Yes, outdated recruitment methods usually results in waste of time and money. Therefore, time has come for you to get over the traditional approach and invest in technology.

Here are few more reasons for you to adopt the modern recruitment techniques-

  1. Time consuming– Traditional recruitment processes are slow and time-consuming, as they include manual activities, be it job postings on multiple platforms, candidate-engagement, or anything else for that matter. It makes the entire hiring process extremely slow, which also results in significant monetary damages.


  1. No Social Sourcing– Traditional recruitment does not include social sourcing that has become a dependable method to source, screen, and hire new talent in a short span of time. According to a recent survey (by Society for Human Resource Management), 84% of the organizations use social media to employ new talent. Not using social platform means you will be doomed sooner or later.


  1. Ignoring Mobile Recruiting– We are living in an era where people rely on their smart phones to perform majority of their tasks and job hunt is no different. A survey revealed that 3 in 5 candidates used their smart phone for job hunt in the last year. Using traditional hiring methods means ignoring mobile recruitment and losing hiring opportunities.


  1. Poor Candidate Sorting– Employing traditional hiring approach means that one needs to go through hundreds or even thousands of resumes every day to pick the most suitable candidate. It simply means that the risk of losing a potential candidate becomes considerably higher, as going through every resume manually is a complex and impractical job.
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