6 Game-changing Habits of Successful Project Managers

6 Game-changing Habits of Successful Project Managers

by true_admin, August 23, 2016

The lives of Project Managers is not easy. They have to be an excellent leader, strategist, visionary and multitasker (and what not) simultaneously, to deliver expected results. One mistake and the project may go horribly wrong.

Recent surveys reveal that more than 60% projects fail to meet their objectives. Out of the many reasons cited behind this, the prominent ones primarily include the quality of project management. To escape such a situation, project managers need to do a little introspection about their abilities and approach.

This post shares 6 most essential traits of an ideal project managers to help you get better at project management.

1.  Proactiveness

Seasoned managers are essentially proactive. They understand that they won’t get much time to react in case something happens. This is why they empower themselves with strategies to deal with different situations, as a backup plan. They use their experience, skills, and instincts to stay one step ahead. They always keep everyone updated about accountability and expectations before getting started rather than leaving it for later.

  2.   Defining Priorities

For every project’s success, it is crucial to prioritize the work. Otherwise small distractions and rabbit trails can take your focus away from the things that matter the most. Therefore, smart project managers always classify jobs based on their priority and importance. They also define daily, weekly, and monthly goals in order to ensure first thing first and prevent wastage of time and efforts. To add more, it also helps keeping everyone on the same page.

   3.  Focusingon Everyone’s Win

All skilled project managers understand that if they win and others in the team don’t, it means that mission was unaccomplished. Therefore, they not only worry about their actions, but also keep an eye on the actions taken by others and what impact it will have on the project. To ensure everyone’s win, they work extra on team collaboration.

4.  Listening to Everyone

Did you know the main factor behind failed project meetings is that everyone wants to talk and no one wants to listen? Nothing can be accomplished this way and project managers understand it well. They always give equal opportunity to everyone to express their views and ideas before making any judgment. In order to succeed, it is crucial to understand people first, before expecting them to listen and follow the given instructions.

   5.  UsingTechnology

Over 40% of project managers avoid using a PM tool despite of the fact that it can enhance performance and satisfaction (according to PWC). Skilled project managers use project management tools not only to manage workspace, but also to break projects into small manageable components. As mentioned above, technology can play a significant role in the overall outcome of a project.

  6.  Testing Comprehensively

Every project is bound to have few bugs here and there. Ignoring the testing part usually results in bigger issues. Many projects have failed in the past because of poor testing. However, dedicated project managers get comprehensive testing done to ensure that all the bugs and issues are identified and corrected in time.

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