Why ATS will Continue to Rule the Recruitment Landscape in the Future?

Why ATS will Continue to Rule the Recruitment Landscape in the Future?

by true_admin, October 6, 2016

Did you know there has been a major change in the way recruiters search and hire new talent? Now companies are increasingly adopting advanced recruitment tools available in the market not just to speed up the entire process, but also to prevent costly hiring mistakes. According to a stat, almost 70% of the recruiting firms use some type of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to find and recruit the best talent in the market. It simply means that ATS’s are expected to rule the future of recruitment.

If you haven’t used an ATS yet and not sure about the impact it can make on your recruitment campaign, go through the factors given below-
It improves the quality of hire- With a recruitment tool, you can use its various features such as resume parsing, candidate sorting, social sourcing, etc. that help you explore more in order to find the most suitable candidates. It means that it will find you a number of good candidates before you select the best of all.

It makes the process quicker –Did you know that on an average it takes more than 50 days to fill an open job position? Therefore, it is essential for recruiters to invest in a hiring tool to speed up the entire process. Yes, with these tools need of manual work becomes minimal and you can get things done quickly whether its job posting, checking resumes, or scheduling interviews.

It’s highly cost-effective- These recruitment tools are also gaining popularity because of their cost-effectiveness. Yes, when you have these tools on your side, you can rule out the need of manual tasks that not only require more manpower but also reduce productivity. Thus, you can surely enjoy cost-saving benefits by adopting this software.

It offers easy tracking- ATS provides timesheets to help you keep track of the tasks performed by the team members. It not only help you evaluate their productivity but also enables you to bill accurately based on available data.

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