Common Recruitment Challenges That Kill Your Business’ Productivity

Common Recruitment Challenges That Kill Your Business’ Productivity

by true_admin, January 25, 2016

Recruitment is one of the most imperative, yet ignored business operations. Every business requires skilled and talented workforce, but barely pays attention to spruce up the recruitment process to get desired results. An unorganized and inefficient recruitment process poses serious challenges that could hamper the overall productivity of a business. Here are some common recruitment challenges faced by recruiters-

Speedy hire

The corporate sector is highly volatile, which is why the need for specific talent cannot be projected in advance. This is why there isn’t much that recruiters can do proactively on this front. Every now and then, almost every recruiter has to deliver speedy hires. It can be very tricky if you are not equipped with the right tools.

Reliable recruitment tools such as True Talent enable businesses to compile and manage their own talent pool. Delivering speedy hire becomes lot less challenging if recruiters have access to a rich talent pool.

Outdated Candidate Profiles

Outdated candidate profiles take a lot of time of the human resource department during the recruitment process. You have to contact them to get the latest status of their employment, which indeed require lots of time and effort. True talent parses their resume directly from the leading job portals. It comes with mailbox integration feature that allows users to interact with the software across multiple platforms seamlessly.

Posting Jobs on Multiple Portals

If you have to post a job online, you have to open all the leading job portals in different tabs, and then start posting on them one by one. It is common practice, which kills productivity. True Talent on other hand cuts the process short significantly. You can create, update and manage job postings from a single platform and the changes will reflect across all the external job portals automatically.

Matching the right candidate to the right job

This is another big challenge faced by recruiters worldwide. They have hundreds (rather, thousands) of resumes in the database. How can they find out the right candidates and connect them to the right job opening? This is very complicated without a comprehensive recruitment software with profound candidate sorting ability. Ideal applicant tracking and recruitment software (like True Talent) allow recruiters to sort candidates on the basis of their skills, experience, etc. and connect them to the right jobs.

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