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We have created software that solve real business problems. Our cloud-based products are affordable, user-friendly, customizable, and equipped with a native mobile app.

True Talent

Comprehensive Talent Management Software

Talent Management

Easily compile and maintain candidate database.

Manage Job Postings

Create, update and manage job postings.

Candidate Sourcing

Find and engage candidates from different channels.

Smart Recruitment

Connect the right candidate to the right job.

Native Mobile App

Integrated mobile app.

Timesheets & Invoicing

Maintaining timesheets and creating invoices made easy.



Manage Job Postings

The software comes integrated with all the major job boards and channels, which makes creating and updating job postings across different channels effortless. It allows you to manage job postings across various platforms from a single dashboard, which allows recruiters to reach a larger audience without any additional efforts.

Candidate Sourcing

True Talent sophisticates and simplifies sourcing at the same time. It allows recruiters to easily find and engage talented candidates on multiple channels which save up to 90% resume sourcing.



Smart Recruitment

The software comes with advanced built-in candidate sorting ability, which allows recruiters to sort candidates based on their skills, experience, geographical preferences, etc. By sorting candidates based on suitable filters, it gets easy for recruiters to connect the right candidate with the right job.

Native Mobile App

True Talent allows recruiters to manage and monitor their recruitment campaigns even when they are away, through the native mobile app. The app comes equipped with useful features such as push notification, and more to help recruiters stay connected round the clock and stay ahead of the curve.



True HR

Future-ready HR Management Software


True HR allows HR professionals to conduct efficient and uniform onboarding for all recruits. Right from new employee’s introduction, to providing your recruits all the information they need to get started with their work is just a matter of few clicks with the software.



Organizational Management

Finding the right information at the right time is important to make profitable decisions in an organization. This is exactly what True HR does for you. It eliminates the need to collect hard-copy employee files, organizes and stores your business information in the cloud. Accessing any information is just a matter of few clicks.

Payroll & Benefits

Handling benefits and processing payroll is very easy with True HR. The close integration between attendance modules and payroll allows HR managers to process payroll according to the attendance records. It adds an ability to set and define pay components like deductions, additions and tax tables. True HR reduces piles of paperwork and saves time by easily managing benefits, compensations and allowances in a fine manner.



Leave & Attendance

True HR enables human resource managers to track employee hours easily and allows employees to submit leave requests directly. It keeps track of all the check-in and check-out of all employees and allows managers to approve or disapprove applied leaves with just one click. It provides real-time information about leaves and accruals before a payroll run.

Performance Management

True HR helps you in documenting, developing and managing employee performance. It transforms the performance review cycle of your employees from painful administrative burden to strategic, collaborative and ongoing process. Goal setting is transparent and easy that develops completely aligned and meaningful goals. It arranges employee activities with organizational strategy and tracks performance with regular feedback and coaching.



True Projects

Complete Project Management Software for Agile teams

Simplified Solution

True Projects’ friendly User Interface takes guess work out of the equation. Implementing and customizing this software is easy and quick. Unlike most of the project management software, True Projects boasts of a simple and resourceful interface.



User and group management

It empowers your team to collaborate effectively and allows you to keep a track of all the tasks and engagements to deliver optimum results. It is designed in a way that makes handling user roles and responsibilities and defining team goals seamless.

Project and Workspace Management

True Projects provides visibility across all projects, thus you get instant access to all file versions. Different tasks in a project can be assigned to different users. It also allows you to define and manage teams on the go.



Uncomplicate projects

Breakdown complex projects into manageable components such as user stories, tasks, task lists, and milestones. This allows users to efficiently manage projects and meet delivery deadlines.

Comprehensive testing

True Projects lets you capture all the uncertainties in your projects. It allows defining proper test cycles before execution to monitor the defects. Thus, it helps in addressing real life project management complexities across the lifecycle of projects.


 About Us

True HR is a new-age Product Startup that is driven by the passion for perfection in business technology.

We understand how businesses function and are familiar with the day-to-day challenges faced due to the technological limitations. This is why we have created products that cater to the real business problems. Our products provide end-to-end business solutions and pave the road to the future.

What makes us different?

We have developed products with users in mind, and we have taken special care of every major/minor aspect of using business software. In our products, we have directly acknowledged all the problems associated with the use of business software to ensure seamless workflow.

Our products boast of-

  • Friendly User Interface
  • Affordability
  • Flexibility to customization
  • Native mobile app

Our software are powerful SaaS products that provide agility and mobility at their best.

 True HR Inc

Software products that addresses your true business needs.

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