Did you know about these Biggest Project Management Sins?

Did you know about these Biggest Project Management Sins?

by true_admin, July 20, 2016

Did you know only 40% of projects are accomplished in desired timeline, expenses, and quality? Stats like these can make you wonder why the number of successful projects is on the low side. Usually, common project management mistakes lead to cost overruns and unnecessary delays. Following are the four most common project management sins that can hurt your project’s goals-

Inefficient resource management
Keeping everyone updated about the progress is one of the most challenging jobs in project management. Many project managers fail to keep their teams updated that can be due to factors such as no regular follow-up meetings, poor status updates, or ineffective  communications. It’s a terrible situation to be in, and directly impacts your project’s progress.

Not using a collaborative tool
Collaboration is an integral part of project management. It directly affects every aspect of the project, be it the budget, timeline, vision, or anything else for that matter. Unfortunately, still many businesses do not understand the importance of a dependable collaboration tool and keep using emails, messages, and phones for collaboration.

Not investing time & efforts in task allocation
Managers failing to allocate the right task to the right team member leads the way to decreased productivity and increased complexity. It is vital to ensure that task allocation has been done carefully, based team member’s skills and specializations.

Not having a system for testing and tracking defects
A project’s success heavily relies on comprehensive testing in order to track and fix bugs or defects. However, numerous project managers ignore the simultaneous testing and fail to capture the uncertainties in the project, which may even lead to the project’s failure.

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