Four Essential Elements of Sourcing Technology

Four Essential Elements of Sourcing Technology

by true_admin, January 19, 2016

Talent Acquisition is challenging only for those, who are not doing it right!

Talent Acquisition is a multistage process. Each stage suffers from a certain level of volatility and has its own objectives and hurdles. Of all, Candidate sourcing is the most dynamic and intricate. This is evident from the rapid evolution of sourcing technology in the last couple of years.

Candidate sourcing is finding and engaging suitable candidates for job openings. But for some companies, sourcing is still limited to posting job openings on job boards and social media networks. With the constantly increasing competition, this limited approach may not deliver expected output.

Finding talented candidates is both time-consuming and challenging, which is why recruiters must adopt a diverse approach of sourcing. Adopting an authentic ATS software can be a resourceful decision as it can significantly empower your candidate sourcing strategy.

But different recruiters have different sourcing needs. While for some recruiters improving their outreach is the biggest challenge, others need to better their targeting.

Considering the different types of sourcing challenges recruiters face, here are the most important features of ATS software to strengthen sourcing-

Broadcasting– Distribution of job posting across various job boards & social media networks, and creating & handling email campaigns are the major broadcasting functions of ATS software.

Searching– Almost every ATS software comes with the search feature. The potential of this feature directly determines recruiter’s sourcing output. Refined ATS software (like True Talent), come with a comprehensive search ability that allows recruiters to automatically search their internal database to find suitable candidates for new job openings.

Attracting- While many ATS software are working to improve their search capabilities, the more refined ones leverage the candidate’s search habits. Incorporation of SEO methodology boosts the outreach of job postings and hence deliver great results.

Engaging– Candidate engagement has grown challenging with the empowerment of social media. Candidates stay much longer on social media networks than any job board. This is why social media integration of ATS software with social media channels is essential. Engaging candidates on the professional network like LinkedIn is an important ATS feature.


Sourcing technology is a very popular subject these days, for all the good reasons. While different software offer different features, ease of use and the overall quality of sourcing are the two point that matter. If you haven’t already chose an ATS software for talent acquisition, you must consider its sourcing features, because its ability to source candidates will most impact the overall output of recruitment in your organization.

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