How can a Wrong Hire Cost you More than a Vacant Position?

How can a Wrong Hire Cost you More than a Vacant Position?

by true_admin, September 13, 2016

Did you know that over 70% of the demand to hire new employees is just to fill the vacant positions? Well, it is understandable that filling vacant positions is important, but understanding the consequences of bad hires is vital. There are numerous businesses that fail to understand the negative impact of poor recruitment and hire just to fill vacancies.

Here are few of the consequences of wrong hires-

Lower Productivity- Hiring employees that don’t know their job well may result in lower productivity. Hiring an underperformer just to avoid the consequences of a vacant position reduces the productivity and can halt the steady growth of a business.

Reduced Revenue- Below-average performing employees not only decreases the work quality but can also affect customer service that ultimately impacts the revenue and can leave a significant impact on the revenue earned.

Poor Employer Brand- When you have underqualified employees working for you, you can expect your employer brand to suffer.

Additional Cost of Replacing Bad Hires- A bad hire will need replacement sooner or later, which means that you will have to bear additional expenses. To add more, hiring replacements will also require extra time and efforts.

Pro Tip- It is essential for businesses and recruiters to understand that there is no place for recruitment that is done just to fill the vacant positions. Thus, it is vital to ensure that your recruiters hire only quality candidates, and not just fill positions.

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