How Recruitment through LinkedIn can make you the next Sourcing Bigwig?

How Recruitment through LinkedIn can make you the next Sourcing Bigwig?

by true_admin, August 2, 2016

Did you know that almost 90% of the recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates (according to Job Seeker Nation Study)? LinkedIn has become the ideal choice of recruiters when it comes to finding and engaging top talent.

If you are a recruiter and haven’t used this wonderful platform to connect with the right candidates, you are missing on an opportunity that can help you become the next sourcing star. Go through the points given below to understand how LinkedIn can accommodate all your hiring efforts in a perfect manner.

The numbers of active members are rising rapidly

The world has recognized LinkedIn as a professional networking platform, and more and more people register there for networking and to explore better career opportunities. One of the main reasons behind this practice is that it allows people to remain visible to potential employers without being suspected of looking for a job change. Therefore, the numbers of members present on LinkedIn are increasing every day.

Profiles are easy to search & compare

Every profile on LinkedIn has information in a uniform format, unlike resumes. Hence, comparison of candidates on LinkedIn is much easier than going through hundreds or thousands of resumes. To add more, LinkedIn also makes searching lot easier through smart filters such as connection, industry, education, profession, etc.

Profiles are accurate and updated

Researches have revealed that LinkedIn profile are more accurate than information found in resumes. People don’t usually take chance of putting inaccurate information on their profiles, as it will be viewed by many of their friends, colleagues, family, etc. On the other hand, people also keep their LinkedIn profiles updated whereas resumes can have outdated information.

Applying for jobs is effortless

Many recruiters lose hiring opportunities because of their complex job application process. However, now many of them are adding “apply with LinkedIn” button with their job posts to simplify the application process. LinkedIn gives job seekers the privilege to apply for a job in a single click without worrying about the resume update.

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