How Talent Pipelining is a Win-Win Strategy for your Recruitment results?

How Talent Pipelining is a Win-Win Strategy for your Recruitment results?

by true_admin, May 27, 2016

The talent landscape has gradually grown volatile. This is why the conventional techniques do not work anymore, which calls for a smarter and proactive recruitment approach. Talent Pipelining has been cited as an effective solution to this.

Building a talent pipeline is not only a proactive approach but also a dependable strategy to fill the open positions quickly. Although, it takes time to develop and nurture a talent pool, but it definitely offers long-term benefits for the time invested.

To accomplish your hiring goals with talent pipelining, you need to engage the candidates with the available opportunities in your organization. You can send notifications, e-mails, and use social media channels to interact with them. It helps you to stay on the top of their mind whenever they plan for a job change.

Here’s what else does talent pipelining offer-

1. Reduces time-to-fill –Following the strategy of talent pipelining, you can always be two-step forward in your hiring process. An extensive talent pool, reduces the need to source candidates. Instead you can use filters to find relevant candidates for the job opening and save time.

2. More time to qualify better candidates –Hiring mistakes are not only costly but a complete drain on your time. With a talent pipeline, you can take your time to find candidates who have promising career record. This eliminates the possibility of any surprises after hiring, which eventually results in higher retention rate of the new hires.

3. Improves your hiring figures – Talent pipeline offers better candidate options, and allows you to make well-thought decisions. This ultimately improves your hiring figures. Moreover, with all the top talent in your pool, you do not miss the opportunity of identifying potential candidates, which again improves your hiring quality & figures.

Takeaway point- In case you haven’t already been talent pipelining, maybe it is high time you get started and enjoy get hiring results!

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