Ideas to Empower Your Onboarding Process

Ideas to Empower Your Onboarding Process

by true_admin, February 23, 2016

Effective onboarding is the best way to welcome new recruits. It helps them to settle down easily and start working immediately which leads to employee success, satisfaction, and retention.

Here are some useful tips to make your onboarding process simple, efficient and successful-

Things to do before new recruit joins

The first thing to do is to stay organized. It seems pretty obvious, but many organizations don’t put much emphasis on getting prepared for a new hire’s first day. Here’s what you can do to stay prepared-

  1. Create an agenda for the entire first week- Plan things proactively. Arrange for everything your new recruits may need in the first week. Assign a mentor to guide the newcomers about the resources and give them access to all the essential information about the culture and ethics of the organization.

  1. Assign desk- Setting up their desk in advance makes them feel more comfortable and confident. Place an employee handbook, new hire enrollment documents, and other necessary items on the desk (or email it).

Things to do post joining

  1. Completing Documentation –It is one of the most important segment of the onboarding process. You need to evaluate all the legal documents with relevant labor laws and other employment standards. For instance, outline the salary package, tax forms, and employee agreements. Once done, double check the information filled by the candidate. Despite your best intentions, things may slip through cracks so crosschecking ensures every detail is correct.

  1. Teach, don’t tell- When it comes to onboarding, prefer teaching instead of telling. Avoid throwing a ton of information at the wall. Create an engaging program where new employees can start contributing right away. For instance, you can include job shadowing that helps the new hires to witness coworkers in action rather being told how the organization works. It helps employees to get along with the process quickly and makes them feel like a valuable part of a team right from day one.

Takeaway point- All the above-mentioned suggestions may require extra resources, money, or time, but consider them as investments that will deliver great returns.

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