Popular Myths about Project Management Software Debunked

Popular Myths about Project Management Software Debunked

by true_admin, June 17, 2016

Project management is quite a job. It comes with an extensive to-do list that includes strategic project planning, consistent monitoring, feedback, and what not. All this makes it highly time-consuming and exhaustive. But even after so much of work, projects fail (we’re talking about some real big figures here). Harvard Business Review reveals that every 1 in 6 IT projects goes for a 200% cost overrun and 70% schedule overrun. Whereas Gallup Business Review estimates that the U.S. economy loses about $50-$150 billion every year because of IT projects failure. Clearly, these are not happy figures!

But fortunately, there is a way out of this, and you can actually save your projects. Get a Project management Software! It may sound like a general advice, but getting the right project management software is THE ONLY WAY TO ENSURE YOUR PROJECT’S SUCCESS.

The right tool can help you streamline the management processes and get over troubles such as endless status meetings, ineffective communication, poor project planning, and everything for that matter.

The sad story is that not all organizations make use of project management tools, and end up burning their hands again and again. We tried to find out what might be the reason behind this. We found (to our surprise) that there are popular myths about using these tools. Here are the most common ones, debunked!

Myth.1- Project Management Tools are Difficult to Use

Yes, there are tools with complicated UI and compromised UX. But it is wrong to put all the software on the ‘bad list’. For examples, True Projects offers excellent user-experience. Its simple and interactive interface offers ease of doing things. Right from tasks assigning, to breaking projects into simple components, handling teams, to detailed reporting and monitoring can be done in just a few clicks.

Myth.2- Project Management Tools are Ineffective

There are organizations that declare project management tools ineffective purely because of their belief that manual tasking is the only way to go. But in reality, these tools are highly effective, as you can rely on them for almost every single activity be it real-time reporting, issue tracking, workspace management, or anything else for that matter. You can surely see the difference a dependable tool can make whether it is about the productivity, collaboration, meeting deadlines, etc.

Myth.3- These Tools are Over-expensive

Gone are the days when usage of project management tools required a large sum of money. With the advancement of cloud computing, businesses of all sizes can get access to project management software at pretty genuine and affordable rates. On the other hand, these tools are also available for free trails, which enables you to evaluate software’s performance before you actually invest in them. So, there is no point in holding back yourself.

Words of Wisdom– If these myths have kept you away from investing in a project management tool, then time has come for you to get over these and make the right choice. You will surely be amazed by the benefits that a project management software has on offer.

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