How Recruiter’s Contribution in Onboarding Leads to Better Employee Retention?

How Recruiter’s Contribution in Onboarding Leads to Better Employee Retention?

by true_admin, September 23, 2016

Hiring top talent is challenging in this competitive market. However when recruiter hit the bull’s eye and find the perfect candidate for a position, an entire process of nurturing, taking the candidate through the hiring process, signing and sealing all the important documents begins, and carries on to ensuring successful onboarding for a long-term association with your organization.
If done properly, onboarding can establish a strong relationship between the new hire and the organization. In this volatile market, talented employees are assets, and strong association with employees can be a boon for businesses.
Recruiters are the face of the company for the candidate throughout the entire recruitment process. That is why they have a valuable role to play for successful onboarding of the new hire.
Here are a few ways in which recruiters and HR can join hands to deliver successful onboarding experience for the new recruit-

Onboarding should start along with the recruitment process
During the hiring process, the recruiter and the candidate have the most amount of communication and get to know about each other’s expectations and demands. The onboarding starts when recruiters engage candidates by sharing their organization’s culture, values, and goals. That engagement in a way covers some parts of onboarding, and if done right can help the organization many ways.

Provide better candidate experience
During the hiring process, recruiters focus on delivering a great candidate experience. The candidate experience is not just about the job offer. If the candidate experience is good it has more chances to become employee experience. By working along with the HR department to help change the candidate to an employee of the company, the recruiter has to ensure that the promise made during the recruitment process are to be delivered to the employee when onboarding. The new employee makes judgments about the company during the hiring and offers process. If you have managed to make the right impression during the recruitment, it is essential to continue that experience in onboarding as well.

Impress the new recruit on their first day
Starting to work in a new place can be exciting or shocking, depending upon how you handle it. HR and the recruiters must carefully plan the first day keeping all the minute details in consideration so that the new recruit feels comfortable in their new workplace. Before they reach the office, make sure their workstations are decided and an introduction with other colleagues is set up. As it’s a new place and they will be confused about what is where so schedule a tour of the office. Their reporting manager should be present there to welcome them. The new employees have plenty of questions,  so assign them a co-worker to help with the questions. Since the recruiter is the only familiar face on the first day as they have built trust throughout the hiring process, their presence makes a difference.
Final Take – Proper onboarding does not end in one day. The first few weeks or months on the new job are very important for the success of new recruit in the company. Recruiters should keep a check on their hires to know how things are going for them.

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