Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets for HR Management before Things Get Worse!

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets for HR Management before Things Get Worse!

by true_admin, July 6, 2016

HR professionals are always busy managing organizational and employee data with spreadsheets. This makes the entire process slow and prone to mistakes.

If you haven’t already considered replacing the use of spreadsheets for HR management with a competent HR management software, then here are a few reasons to help you make that decision.

Spreadsheets are prone to errors

In a research, it was revealed that almost 88% of the spreadsheets have major errors in them. Yes, even the most carefully created spreadsheets can include errors such as, accidentally deleted data, typos, wrong calculations, etc. Chances of human error always remain high and such mistakes can cost you plenty in the long run.

Spreadsheets are not safe

Your HR department takes care of your organization’s most sensitive data and managing it through spreadsheets can make it unsafe. It is difficult to protect data stored in the spreadsheets and it also includes the risk of information getting overshared. Therefore, by choosing spreadsheets you are simply putting confidential information at high risk.

Spreadsheets slow the workflow

Spreadsheets can slow down your HR workflow, as they need to enter and check the data manually again and again. This complex and time-consuming process takes significant portion of their managerial time. On the other hand, these sheets usually remain outdated, as HR data changes constantly whether it is about leaves, employee address, new joining’s, skill and qualification updates, etc.

Conclusion– In order to eliminate the risks of errors and enhance the safety of your data, it is crucial for to invest in a dependable HR management software. It is one of the finest ways to save time and speed up the entire management process.

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