What Makes ATS Software The Most invaluable Tool for Recruiters ?

What Makes ATS Software The Most invaluable Tool for Recruiters ?

by true_admin, January 12, 2016

Over the years, Applicant Tracking System (ATS) has consistently evolved to meet the modern day recruitment needs and make the lives of recruiters easy. This is the reason why today it is an invaluable tool for recruiters worldwide.

Not only does it streamline recruitment, but also provide a solid foundation for talent acquisition and bring uniformity to your organization’s hiring approach.
This post throws light on a few ways in which ATS software helps recruiters-

Finding the right talent

There is no one place to find the right candidates. Rather, there are so many networks and platforms where the chances of finding good candidates are high. Working on all of them manually is both, laborious and time-consuming. ATS helps you automate job posting to niche job boards/Social Media platforms, and provides quick access to all the postings/applications, etc. to help you close the job openings sooner.

Database compilation and management

Recruiters have to deal with a large volume of applications and candidate profiles. Compiling a candidate database out of it is a big challenge for recruiters.

Few of the most promising ATS attributes is its competence in compiling candidate database. Over the time, this database gets extensive and you will have a treasure of quality resumes for all job openings.
You can sort candidates using various filters and find the right candidate from your database with just a few clicks, no matter how vast the database is.

Relationship Building with Candidates

Candidates have grown very demanding. They want everything done in the least possible time and appreciate effective communication.
Due to a large volume of received profiles, it may not be easy for recruiters to reach all candidates in time and communicate properly. Neglecting candidate experience can have repercussions beyond the hiring process.

Applicant Tracking Software can be helpful here, as it does lot more than just tracking candidates. It empowers recruiter’s relationship with candidates by speeding the recruitment processes and effective communication.

Saving Recruiter’s Time

What’s the one thing recruiters want the most? Time!

Recruiters have so much to do in a little time that sometimes it gets impossible for them to manage their schedule. ATS software can streamline the recruitment process and save recruiter’s time by automating communication, reporting, invoicing, and much more.

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