Why Now Is The Time To Adopt HR Automation?

Why Now Is The Time To Adopt HR Automation?

by true_admin, December 10, 2015

The days of performing HR tasks manually are over now. With constantly evolving HR technology, it is time for businesses of all sizes to make the most of the goodies offered by HR automation software.


Automation has changed the HR framework forever, for good. Recruitment, employee management, monitoring performance, handling leave requests, and more are just a matter of few clicks with a specialized HR software.

While big enterprises have profoundly understood the need of the hour, some small and mid-sized companies still hesitate to make the much-needed shift to HR Automation.



In this post, some of the most benefiting advantages of HR Automation software have been discussed –

Make an impressive first impression

Recent surveys suggest that employees in their first ninety days decide if they want to continue with the organization or quit. Proper onboarding extensively eliminates the chances of attrition. Onboarding includes a lot, which if automated can deliver excellent results. For instance, requests for ID cards, IT equipment, user access, etc. can be sent through the automation process. Automation can streamline the onboarding process and help you fight attrition in your organization. Save time When your HR staff has to manually check time-log, handle emailing, etc. they may not get time for anything else. Did you know an HR professional spends 3-4 hours every week (on an average) just sorting timesheets? Such tasks become lot easy when you do it with an automation software. Jobs like calculating employee’s time and handling payroll becomes just a matter of few clicks with HR software. The saved time can be used for more productivity.

Handle leave requests in a jiffy

Some organizations still employ the old ways of leave requests (emails, word of mouth, etc.). Processing the leave requests, keeping a track of the leaves, and giving approval/disapproval becomes very complicated with the old-school techniques. Automation is the best way to uncomplicated this.

Employee management

Employee management is one of the core duties of HR professionals and probably one of the most challenging ones too. As your organization grows, the number of employees will increase. They will have their individual requirements, for instance, one of your employee may need to get their personal information updated while someone else may request for reimbursement for the recent official travel. Handling such requests manually can be very challenging. However, automation is a life saver in such scenarios.

Easily tackle the geographical challenges

Everything is global now. These days it is very common for companies to operate in different geographical locations. Handling workforce from a different location can be a nightmare without a competent HR software. Conclusion Without empowering your HR managers, the road to success may not be easy for you. So go ahead, and adopt HR automation to support your business in growing by leaps and bounds.


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