Why you need Employee Retention as a Part of your Hiring Strategy?

Why you need Employee Retention as a Part of your Hiring Strategy?

by true_admin, January 5, 2016

To close in the right candidate before your competitor, you need a smart talent acquisition strategy in place.
Accept it or not, the current market is completely talent-driven. Candidates and your current employees have a lot of options now, as the market is flooded with job openings. This is the reason why you need to seriously consider adopting a proper Onboarding program (if you haven’t already) to foster your new recruits.

There is a lot that goes behind the scenes for recruiting the right candidate. Once candidates are hired, they bring along the vision that was sold to them. Still they are at risk, and require fostering to grow as an asset for the organization.

You must relationally connect them with the other employees and help them achieve their full productivity until they settle down.

Recent surveys suggest that about one-third of the new employees start searching for a job in their first six months, while 23% of them leave jobs before 1 year. This percentage of turnover can hurt your company’s operations.
This is the reason why all organizations must work on retention the moment they hire a new employee.
The recent developments in the HR technology offer automated onboarding that makes employee retention effortless, yet effective.

Here are few of the important onboarding stages-
• Announcement of the new employee’s joining
• Introduction to your organization’s culture
• Giving them easy access to the company policy and rules
• Showing how they can grow in the organization
• Connecting them with all the people they need to know

The process of onboarding does not stop here. It rather continues till the employees settle down. Suggesting ways to help them achieve full productivity, constant feedbacks, applauding their achievements, and more also fall under onboarding.

Technological Onboarding is very successful in encouraging self-learning environment and development-oriented working. So, if you want to nurture your employees and retain them, now is the time you adopt an HR software that helps you equip your organization with an authentic onboarding program.

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